Fernando Comet
Fernando CometFernando Comet

Fernando Comet

I am a Design Technologist. Multidisciplinar profile, right now working as a freelance contractor as Webflow developer.

Hello! I am Fernando Comet.
I Create digital experiences.

Webflow Developer working
full remote
 as Contractor.

Script animation specialist.

I am into Webflow, React, Display and travel.  


I am a Creative Technologist. Working in the frontier between Design and Technology. I am focused on React, Webflow, Shopify, UX and Display Advertising where I have a solid background as Display and DCO specialist. I p

  • Webflow sites
  • Display Advertising
  • User Experience and UX Research
  • Front End
  • eCommerce - Shopify
  • Side Projects


I work as a Webflow Developer making sites for businesses.
I focus on SEO and performance, I also integrate Javascript animation libraries for Interaction.

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Display Ads

Since year 2010 I have worked in different agencies and tech partners, building a great portfolio in the industry of Display Advertising.

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I never start any project without doing Research, I consider the UX approach to be vital.

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Front End

I have experience as a QA in technical support, I can also code in React, but I am more interested in UI, animation and interaction.


I have worked for several eCommerce projects built with Shopify. I have also experience working with CMSs.

Side Projects

I have always liked to have fun in what I do: from making games, blogging, exploring and innovating.

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Companies I have worked with

Elastic HeadsApache DigitalCraftROI UPIronhackMaking ScienceAzagraWeboramaCerebritiGenetsisTBWASantillana


"I have been lucky enough to work with Fernando on multiple occasions and they have all been a success. He understands very well the needs of the client and adapts quickly to them. He puts a lot of effort into getting the best out of each project, be it Front, Back, Design or photo. He is a 100% trustworthy supplier."

Gabriel Guerrero
Founder at Kolision

"Fernando is a dynamic and dedicated professional, an innovator who pioneers new technologies and uses them until he completely masters them . His expertise of different technologies, creativity and attention to detail enables him to produce high-standard deliverables. His creativity coexist with an analytical mindset that allows him to simplify and land smoothly complex concepts.
Fernando is not only a constant learner but also a great teacher, he mentored me when I was a junior profile in Weborama and taught me how to be a professional in the field."

Teresa Sanz
Engagement Manager at Google

"Fernando is a restless mind that always seeks to be updated and aware of the advances int the creative industry. He has continuous commitment to constant training and is always triving to reach the next level on web technical innovation. His positive approach, experience and attention to detail makes him a welcome addition to any team. A person that is used to work under pressure willing to step otuside his boundaries and comfort zone to achieve goals.."

Naíde Neves
AdTech Consultant at Making Science

"Fernando is a dedicated professional . He is forward-thinking in terms of innovation, collaboration, and creativity. Fernando's eagerness and commitment are both inspiring and motivating for others. Effective team player who is results-driven, experienced, and efficient."

Andy Kaiser
Founder at Ninetailed

"Fernando and I have had parallel careers since 2006 when we arrived in Madrid. We have been, and will be in continuous training, we always ask ourselves what you are doing and what you are working with to learn from each other.."

Designer at IBM

"We have Fer as pupil in several courses and now he is a provider of our Design Studio. He has a solid background both in UX and technology and is always hungry for new knowledge and trends."

Oscar Santos
Founder at Elastic Heads

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Available as a freelance, mainly working on Webflow sites, Display Advertising, Shopify and UX.

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